Absolution (Visual Novel)Edit

Two years ago, writer Kaori Toyoku was in an accident that resulted in the death of her mother. Leaving behind nothing but the blame for their mother's death, Akiko Toyoku moves from the city, leaving Kaori alone and years worth of guilt on her mind. With the terrible relationship her siste, and the guilt of the past taunting her daily, Kaori slowly slipped into depression, her will to write slowly fading away with her.

Present day, Kaori decides to finally track down her sister after their relationship abruptly fell apart. However, with previously forgotten memories of the crash corrupting her every day life, could there be more to the accident than she initially believed? 

Absolution is an interactive Visual Novel, featuring alternate endings resolving around your choices. The game adapts to how you react, and changes based off of your pessimistic or optimistic attitude. You can learn more about the game by reading it's seperate page, Absolution.